Write a reflection paper from a specific point of view


Reflection must be written from the perspective of A CUSTOMER WHO IS A SMOKER.
The paper to reflect on is attached.
INSTRUCTIONS: Reflection 1 (In Character) – You must remain in the character you are assigned thorughout the reflection. The assigned characters for the up in smoke reflection will be posted after noon on Wednesday, May 9.

Provide a brief and concise summary in your own words (two to three sentences is plenty).
Explain why this topic is important for society in the current scenario.
Bring in some of your own experiences with the topic you are reflecting upon to support the perspective your assigned character has of the issue. Discuss factual information, as well as your feelings and impressions (as the character you are assigned). Compare your experience with your prior knowledge on the subject (maybe you read or watched something that pertains to the topic or maybe discussed it with someone).
Agree of disagree with how the case study portrays your designated perspective and support your position.
Questions any claims/conclusions/facts you find dubious or raise doubts if any.
Check for grammatical and stylistic errors (make sure you remain in the character you are assigned throughout).
Your reflection must be no more than 500 words.
This is an individual assignment.

Reflection: The reflection you will write is based on a case study that I have already posted. A good place to start would be to do some research on the topic at hand.
A good reflection should be able to demonstrate a depth of understanding about the issue at hand, an evidence of clear connections between concepts and a broad integration of ideas.
So do some general research about the topic because this will come in handy during the assignment.
You will be assigned a perspective (or point of view) from you will be writing your reflection. Instructions on how to write this reflection will also be posted in this folder.