WINE PAIR – Lion Essays


Using the assigned reading for the wines that are being studied in Week 2, pair (match) a vintage with the following foods. A football party pairing: Your best choice of wine with-* Spicy Buffalo Wings with Celery Sticks and Bleu Cheese* Fudgy Brownies* Brats on a Bun with Mustard and ChipsThis is your first pairing so research what wines compliment spicy, savory and sweet foods and use that as your beginning point. A good reference is the link below. Make sure to reference where you researched to develop your wine/food pairings.
Wine/Food Pairing Interactive Link
Make sure to explain in detail the flavors and aroma provided by the pairing.
MINIMUM 600 WORDS NO PLAGIARISM AT LEAST 2 APA REFEREENCES. Refer to the example in the Announcement section for layout and sample wording. Include the level of detail the “sample student” provided in her pairing.
In the forums, you will be asked to taste and pair (match) wines with food. Often this is one of the most challenging tasks as it requires you to apply the knowledge of wine (FROM YOUR READINGS AND RESEARCH) and food. I am providing an example of one pairing that was written by a former student. I would recommend that you use this as a reference guide for the type of detail that is needed in your assignments. * Smoked Salmon with Gourmet Party Crackers Topped with Cream Cheese and Capers
From the student:
I chose a Riesling to go with this appetizer because Riesling tends to go well with fish that is prepared lightly (smoked, poached, or steamed) and lemon (which I assume the salmon has a hint of). Riesling is a sweet wine and I think that it would compliment the rich flavors of cheese, the salty capers, and the salmon. Chenin Blanc is also said to go well with seafood and it has a high acidity. This one in particular has a touch of honey and a crisp finish.Examples of wines, labels, region of origin,and year  • Swedish Hills Winery-New York Dry Riesling- 2007-Finger Lakes Region New York 18.00 (750ML) • L”Ecole 41 Chenin Blanc “Walla Voila” 2008-Walla Walla Valley Washington State-