Why do organizations fail?? One page assignment


Why do Organizations Fail?
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Some organizations have been around for over a hundred years, like Brooks Brothers, Citigroup, and Colt.  Some very old companies like Lehman brothers were over a hundred years old when they went out of business.  Perhaps one of the most important management books of the 80’s/90’s was Good to Great by Jim Collins.  But two of the companies in this book are actually not around anymore. CEO’s get paid huge salaries and stock packages to rune a business, and huge “golden parachutes” when they fail.  Or, they may be successful at one company and go to another and destroy or at least did more harm then good.  Take Ron Johnson who helped make Target what it is and then went and oversaw the explosion of the Apple Store.  He would seem a perfect pick to turn a retail store around.  Ask J.C. Penny stockholders and employees how that worked out.
In 250 words, select the one main reason you believe organizations fail and explain your reasoning.