What key information is contained in this memorandum?


The purpose of this paper is to inform your member of Congress on a specific policy issue. Choose a health policy issue you are interested in and want to know more about. Topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:
Access to health care Healthcare reform Childhood immunizationsMedicare/Medicaid End of life issues Sex educationFood safety (labeling) Smoking cessation (legislation) RestraintsSeatbelt and helmet laws Mental health insurance parityEnvironmental issues (e.g., clean groundwater, air pollution control) Nursing home placementsLong-term care issues Patient safety and qualityPatient advocacy panels Gun controlMemo FormatThis paper will be presented in a memo format. The memo must be presented in the following manner. (This is the means by which many communications reach legislators.)
Date:(The composition of the body of the memo is as follows)Paragraph 1: Introduction: Delineation of the purpose of the memoa) What is the issue?b) Why is a decision needed?c) What is key information contained in this memorandum?d) What course of action is recommended?
Paragraph 2: Backgrounda) Why is this health policy change important?b) Explain how this issue has evolved or became a concern in brief, essential points. Use references, which will be attached in a reference list (addendum to the memo).
Paragraph 3: Stakeholder Analysisa) Who will be affected by this policy?b) Refer to stakeholder analysis in the addendum.
Paragraph 4: Cost/BenefitWhat will the estimated cost of the change be?
Paragraph 5: SummaryProposal/project summary including recommendations
Attachments: Addenduma) Reference listb) Stakeholder analysis tablea) Any other pertinent documents that may convince the recipient that this is a good idea
Clearly defines the issue and key information.Clearly identifies the decision needed and recommended course of action.Writing is succinct and accurate. No errors in writing mechanics and APA style.Expresses a complete description of the importance of this health policy change. Supportive points are brief and provide the essential history of the issue.No errors in writing mechanics or APA style.Clearly and logically identifies the stakeholders and rationale.Refers the member of Congress to the stakeholder analysis in the addendum.Clearly and briefly describes the costs and benefits of this health policy change.Clearly, logically, and succinctly summarizes the proposal, decision(s) needed, and recommendations.Includes the reference list with no errors in APA format.Includes the stakeholder analysis table and other supporting documents, if convincing.

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