What can the organization do today to better prepare itself for tomorrow’s marketing trends?


The health care industry is constantly changing and evolving. This impacts many aspects of health care administration, including marketing. New health care marketing trends are emerging, and to remain competitive, organizations must be prepared to implement these trends and engage 21st-century consumers. For this Discussion, you examine the impact of health care marketing trends and recommend strategies to help organizations prepare for the future.Note: In health care marketing and business communications, strong oral communication is essential. This Discussion was designed to give you the opportunity to practice your oral communication skills by preparing a 2-minute speech. As you prepare this speech (and any communication in the future), consider the following: Who is your target audience? How can you keep the attention of your audience? What is the appropriate length for your message?To prepare:Imagine that you are the chief marketing officer for your health care organization. Prepare a 2-minute speech for the board of directors that addresses the following:
How might marketing trends impact organizational strategic planning?What can the organization do today to better prepare itself for tomorrow’s marketing trends?
Note: If you do not currently work for a health care organization, select one that is of interest to you. You may use the same organization you selected in Week 3.Post a cohesive response to the following:In 2–3 sentences, defend or argue your recommendations using the knowledge you have gained in this course. Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources.

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