the MSN specialty track , health and medicine homework help


1.  Discuss the MSN specialty track (educator, executive, informatics, health policy, FNP) that you have selected.
2.  Demonstrate how the skills outlined in the nine (9) AACN Essentials are applicable to your selected master’s-prepared specialization.
3.  Identify three ways that a master’s-prepared nurse in your specialty would use the AACN Essentials skills in nursing practice.
4.  Provide empirical evidence to support the three (3) ways a master’s-prepared nurse would use the AACN Essentials in practice. A minimum of two(2)current scholarly articles are required in this section of the presentation.
5.  Concluding statements summarize content.
6.  15-slide presentation with speaker notes in APA format, not countingtitle and reference slides.
preparing the paper
1.  This is a PowerPoint presentation. 
2.  Review the Creating a Professional Presentation located in DocSharing.
3.  This presentation is to focus on the specific role you have chosen in the MSN program (e.g., educator, executive, informatics, health policy, FNP) and identify the AACN Essentials that are applicable to your specific role.