The employee rights under the OSH Act, assessment 3:11 help


Describe and discuss the employee rights under the OSH Act and its implementing regulations.

Provide approximately 200-300 words.

Here are some hints for this week’s essays:  One essay asks you to explain the rights that an employee has under the OSHA Act.  There are six specific rights explained in the text beginning on page 148.  You must explain all six (6) rights in order to garner full credit.  The second essay asks you to explain two specific rights that protect employees from discrimination.  The two rights are explained in Chapter 7 Section 2.0.
Here is some information that will help you going into Unit IV:
Below is a link to the National Safety Council’s monthly magazine “Safety & Health”……
You can copy and paste this into your web browser.  This is a great magazine that has many current articles on the topic of occupational safety and health.  The “digital edition” of the current magazine can be accessed by simply clicking on the magazine cover at the top of the page.  Previous editions of the magazine can be located at the bottom of the page.  You can even subscribe and receive a copy of the magazine at your home or business monthly.  Best of all…..the subscription is absolutely free.  This magazine is a great resource, and I encourage you to consider articles from the magazine for your Unit IV Article Review.