The Assignment instuctions are added below.


The Assignment instuctions are added below. The content from the first two assignments can be sent to you if you let me know where I can send them. I have a paper and Power point that have been started of my own work. I just need help with finishing. APA format is required. I also need this paper by tonight. Thanks
Assignment #3 – MGMT 4199
Part 1
Part 3 – Based on your research and SWOT analysis you are to complete a executive summary to the company’s CEO (minimum 2,000 words) in which you provide recommendations that will enable the company to gain and sustain a competitive advantage in its industry.
Part 3 of the strategy assignment is due this week. Part 3 is used as a capstone for the course. In this assignment, you get to use all the concepts and ideas you garnered from the case studies to construct a plan that will aid the company you choose as a research subject gain and sustain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.
Part 2
You have assembled information about the company you chose to work on in assignments 1 and 2. You will now combine that information into one PowerPoint Presentation adding the information requested. Your work must reflect the learnings derived from David, other strategy assignments, and corrections and input from strategy assignments 1 and 2.
1 – What is the Company Strategy now? 
2 – What is the Vision?
3 – What is the Mission?
4 – What are the Objectives? 
5 – What is the Market share for this company?
You are to act as a consulting company and develop recommendations for improvement in all 5 areas above. Please consider the following:
·        What action(s) should be taken?  
·        Defend why you are making these recommendation(s).
·        Describe the expectations that you have for the result(s) of your recommendations. 
·        Develop contingency plan(s), in the event that your recommendations were to have an adverse effect on the company, what should be done. 
Prepare 20 (minimum) Power Point Slides on your company assignment. Here is an outline example;
Slide 1 – Introduction (company name, course information, date)
Slide 2 – Background on your company (what industry? what does this company do?)
Slide 3 – What is the current Company Strategy?
Slide 4 – Vision
Slide 5 – Mission
Slide 6 – Objectives
Slide 7 – Market Share REQUIRED – Do not use Stock quotation data as it is not market share information
Slides (8-15) CPM, IFE, EFE, SWOT analysis, and SWOT MATRIX – bullet points REQUIRED
Slides – as many as needed – what are the recommended changes and why?  REQUIRED
Slide – as many as needed – – Social Responsibility Plan – Why/why not?     REQUIRED
Slide- as many as needed – Expectations as the result of implementing these changes. REQUIRED
Slide – as many as needed –  Contingency Plans – again these are plans used in the event your first recommendations do not have the impact you predicted. REQUIRED