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I need this by tomorrow morning at 10 am. I need a copy of the article attached or copy and pasted. Please include references and cite in text where used. Absolutely no plagiarism! Thank you in advance.
Find a recent (past 3 years) article in a professional journal regarding SOCIAL MARKETING (not social media) in health care and write a 2 to 3 paragraph summary of the key concepts in the article. Must be about social marketing in healthcare! 
Professor’s notes
Write a thorough summary (2-3 paragraph minimum) of the key concepts contained in an article about social marketing. (SOCIAL MARKETING IS NOT THE SAME THING AS SOCIAL MEDIA!) The article must be found (and referenced, obviously) in a professional journal within the past three years. (A professional journal does not include items such as blogs, newspaper articles, nor promotional material.) Your article, and accompanying summary, most likely will include definitions of terminology, summaries of social marketing plans and strategies, and examples of social marketing campaigns. (Don’t forget to tell me what you think, too.) Must not be about social media or will receive a grade of zero!