Rough Draft 3 – Nursing Writings


N417 Genomics
Calzone Article: “Nurses Transforming Health Care Using Genetics and Genomics”
Instructions: Review the Calzone article, “Nursing Transforming Health Care Using Genetics and Genomics”.

· Create an initial post answering the 3 questions below. Please utilize scholarly writing when answering the questions completely and substantially.
· Reply to at least one initial post (5 points). Please do not reply with only an “I agree” or “I disagree.” Support your answers substantially.

1. How can the continued study of genetics and genomics promote positive patient outcomes? Provide and discuss two examples. (30 points)

2. What barriers or challenges exist in regards to incorporating genetics and genomics into the current health care system, or in nursing practice? Choose one and discuss substantially. (30 points)

3. What are some potential solutions to counter the barriers or challenges identified in question #2? (30 points)

4. Utilize at least one scholarly resource and site appropriately using APA format. Resources for APA format are included in blackboard. (5 points)

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