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My review is on drugs, alcohol, and mental health in the adult that are older. The author in my article describes the dual diagnoses and does determine many of the different prevalence and how the reactions are from experiences of the co-occurring health problems that are mental driven. The author describes the disorders with substance and alcohol disorders that took place in Melbourne community health area for older grown adults.
I found information where an audit was done by the service through a period of two-years. It showed that approximately 16% of people were forthcoming with co-occurring substances with the use of drugs when the assessment was complete (Searby, Maude, McGrath, 2015). All the substances affected many individuals, as well would disrupts their lives. Being addicted drugs alone lead to both long and short term changes in a person’s brain, which can progress to mental health issues including paranoia, anxiety, aggression, and depression?
Recovery can be complex. One has to want help. Many recovery facilities introduce to their patients some of the basics of becoming healthy. Family involvement is important when one is trying to recover. More support is vital.
I learned from reading the article of choice, that adults are certainly “set in their ways.” Many want to change and end all their substance abuse issues. They have to be ready and willing to do so, or all will destroy their lives. Dual diagnoses get different attention by the severity of the issues that one exhibit.
Searby, A., Maude, P., McGrath, I. (2015). Drugs, alcohol, older adults, and mental health. Volume 22, No. 10. Retrieved from anmf.