Recommendation for the Acquisition, Implementation, and Support of a Health Information System


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Health Information Systems–Recommendation for the Acquisition, Implementation, and Support of a Health Information System
Focusing on the same scenario….
Telemedicine for Rural-Based Health Facility
Canon hospital is a 189-bed hospital in rural Texas. The hospital is approximately 100 miles and 150 miles away from two major medical centers of excellence in Texas. As the CIO of Canon Hospital, you are aware that there are capabilities to do telemedicine programs with tertiary care centers. Two of the senior medical staff in the critical care and neurology departments at Canon Hospital have approached you to investigate telemedicine capabilities related to the management of ICU patients and the emergency management of patients presenting with stroke symptoms. These medical leaders would like to ideally preserve the appropriate services for ICU patients and rehabilitative services for stroke patients in the canon hospital community. They recognize that portions of these treatment plans must include certified critical care and stroke certified providers from a tertiary care center. They have ask you to examine both the business and technical aspects of establishing telemedicine programs with one or two of the tertiary care centers who have certified specialists in critical care and stroke certified physicians who can administer TPA and other urgent stroke treatments. Currently Canon hospital is transferring over half of the ICU patients and virtually all of the patients who are presenting with stroke symptoms to these to either of these tertiary centers. There is little to no follow up on those patients with regard to treatment plans or services. In many cases, patients and caregivers are relocated for step down and rehabilitative care to facilities outside of the Canon hospital area. This creates both high level of dissatisfaction for patients and families and revenue loss for canon hospital and its associated rehabilitation facilities.
PowerPoint Presentation: Health Information Technology to Address the Continuum of Care
Develop a PowerPoint presentation from the scenario selected to provide an overview of how information technology will address issues in that organization(s)/setting. A high level leadership plan is needed as to how you would recommend approaching the initiative along the Systems Development Lifecycle steps: 1) Acquire; 2) Plan for; 3) Implement; and 4) Support the technology solution.
In a 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint presentation, including extensive speaker notes and 5–6 peer reviewed references applied using APA Format:

Analyze the problems and opportunities that the technology is aimed to address in this organization(s)/setting
Critique any legal and/or regulatory concerns related to using technology in this organizations(s)/setting
Acquisition: Explain your recommended steps in the systematic evaluation and acquisition of the technology

SWOT summary
Vendor partner recommendations
Process to evaluate vendors

Planning: Develop a Project Charter for how you would plan for implementing this technology.

Scope of the project/program
Key stakeholders
Risks and mitigation plans
Financial justification


Change Management Strategy
Security and Privacy Plan
Data sharing, systems integration needs
Use of cost reducing emerging technology platforms

Support and sustainability:

Financial sustainment plan
End user technical support plan
Potential fit with emerging industry technologie

Briefly address any competitive advantage that this technology might provide for the selected organization(s)