Quality in Construction |


– For construction materials that are manufactured/produced in Oman:
a. Identify two construction materials that are manufactured in Oman.
b. Look for quality standards and indicators of the construction materials and briefly describe the standards and indicators.
– Identify a construction company in Oman which has been ISO certified and answer the following questions:
a. When was the organization certified the first time?
b. Indicate the certifying body.
c. When was the latest certification issued?
d. Until when is the certification valid?
e. Write the Quality policy of this organization.
f. Describe the commitment that is mentioned in the quality policy.
– Prepare a quality standard operating procedure (SOP) on how to document a non-conformance found at the construction site by inspection and/or audit.
– Read the health and safety policy of the college. Prepare a checklist of the items that you would check to determine whether the students are aware of the health and safety policies and procedures of the college.
(Health and safety policy has been uploaded as attachment. Plus, Checklist example has been uploaded also as attachment, make similar to it regarding what you read in health and safety policy).

*** Word count = 1000 words
*** In-text and citations using references CU-Harvard.