NLC Renewable Sources of Energy: US Pros and Cons of Geothermal Energy


Based on the diagram below, which renewable energy source should the United States concentrate on increasing?Determine the pros and cons of each type of energy source to help you determine your opinion of the best energy source to increase. Cite all sources used. types of energy to be determined:
1.geothermal energy
4.biomass waste
note: The web has many sources but not all are credible. A credible source is one that you can trust.Some examples of credible sources are journal articles by respected and well known scientists, websites from major institutions such as the Mayo Clinic or NASA. The domain ending in .edu is reserved for educational institutions.The .gov domain indicates a government website. These two domains are usually trusted as credible sources. Examples of non-credible sources include (but are not limited to) blogs, unsubstantiated emotional opinions, facebook posts, self-authored websites, websites not from a government sources or without citations. Some considerations when viewing a source is who the author is and if the information is current.
*need thesis statements and arguments
good grammar and spelling IS THE MOST