Martial Arts Cultural Sport |


Students will explore a cultural sport production (sport/game/human movement) of a nation linked to the students’ personal ethnicities and histories. Students will develop: 1) overview of national history, 2) overview the rules of the sport/game and its historical importance, 3) overview of the cultural importance of the sport, 4) overview expressions of cultural values in sport/game/human movement, 5) explore how this cultural product has influenced their personal/familial sport experiences and sport identities, and 6) its relation to and impact on US sport/games/human movement

Introduction (1/2-1 pg)

Optional – cite an interesting quote
Intro sentences to topic and paper
Statement of purpose (what you will write about and discuss do in the paper)
Goals of paper
Definition of terms if applicable (Stress, racism, sexism, ageism, etc…whichever terms you will be using in your paper and fit into the experiences you are discussing in the paper
Layout structure and organization of paper information

2. Overview the Nation (1/2 – 1 pg)

Brief history, overview of larger cultural values and sport history

3. Overview the Sport (1/2 – 1 pg)

Rules, history, organizations

4. Expressions of Cultural Values (1 page)

Describe and analyze the sport (this could be a specific situation, or many situations related to identities: race, sexual orientation, ageism, disability, ethnicity, occupational, religion, and/or class)
Sociocultural influences
Relate to journal articles, which discuss/relate/contradict in some fashion, the general nature the sport experience(s)

5. Relationship to Personal Cultural Background (1 pg)

Describe the situation(s) or experience(s) – yet focus on larger issues and context – less play-by-play
Explore values expressed in that sport and your family, person, and sporting choices
How the values of that sport have affected you
Compare and contrast your experiences and understandings of sport with research, class text, larger popular cultural occurrences

6. Summary/Conclusion (1 pg)

Summarize the main content of paper
Wrap up main themes of paper
Suggest possible intervention(s) and/or social actions
re-Reference any journal materials
Final thoughts and looking forward