Issues Facing the Population of General Community


APA style- 200 to 500 words Time Roman,
Contact your local health department; administrator of your local hospital, nursing home, or clinic; or other local public health entity. Discuss two to three issues facing the population of the general community or their patient population. Discuss your findings with the class, detailing the specific issues and effective ways that you could possibly advocate for the aforementioned issues and/or population.
( Location is to be in Frederick/ Hagerstown Maryland and Waynesboro PA) Two most common issue are opoids and sernior citizen has lack of knowedge resources in understanding their medicare. Advocacy ideas- Set up 420 Friendly knowledge center resources for medical marjuninia programs for Senior Citizen or Programs that is similar awarness for deaf senior citizens? As deaf seniors are often lacking resources.
I will add tip up to extra 15 dollars if can take extra step in making this advocacy plan look so real and that I can use this plan for next assignment that will require developing essays of more than 3 pages. As this will be an entire different assignment but with same advoacy plan I am asking you to develop.