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Darwin and “Intelligent Design”
APA Guidelines, correct grammar and punctuation marks, words count for each questions is 200.
: To earn full credit, the initial post must cite a source that illuminates some facet of the prompt and the source must be properly cited in APA format.
The minimum word count is 200 words. Please make sure to support assertions with concrete evidence and cited facts.
For each question please put the reference by itself. Like question 1 will have it reference and so on
1. Defend, refute, or modify this statement: In public middle and high schools, evolution should be taught in science classes and creationism should be taught in history classes.

2. What is evolution? Describe how Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection provides a plausible mechanism for evolution
3. How have scientists tried to distinguish their work from religion?
4. Why have US courts consistently rejected attempts to require public schools to teach creationism or intelligent design?
5. According to Phipps, Darwin’s understanding of causation can be stated by addressing four fundamental questions: Who? Why? When? and How? Which questions address primary causes and which secondary causes and why? Which questions are the purview of religion and which of science
6. In your own words, please expound upon Phipps’ assertion that “since truth is one, the conflict is not between science and religion, but between arrogant scientists and dogmatic religionists who have difficulty living within their partial knowledge.” Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why or why not? Make sure to support your views with quotes from the text.