Identify an example of a statistical research finding in a mainstream media outlet (newspaper, magazine, broadcast television, etc.) and then locate the actual study or peer-reviewed journal article that served as the basis of that media report.


The assignment is due on 6/12/17 by 9:00 PM 
Submit your Assignment as a Word Document or PDF, along with proper APA citations for your sources 
The assignment must be THREE COMPLETE PAGES long, times new roman font ( size 12) and  double spaced. Please note the reference page is not part of the three pages.
Based on the information provided in the mainstream media report and the original research study, please answer the questions below:1. The research question(s) and hypotheses2. The independent and dependent variable(s).3. Describe the overall design of the study (sample size, methodology, etc).4. Summarize and evaluate the conclusion of the study author(s).5. Identify any pertinent information regarding the actual study that was excluded from the mainstream media report