HW 10(21)


Answer any TEN of the following questions.
1. Compare between fixe and speed domes.
2. Describe the concept of integrated camera.
3. Describe the typical physical structure of dome housings.
4. List the typical camera characteristic parameters (sensitivity, resolution) for fixed dome and for speed dome.
5. List the pan/tilt parameters of speed dome systems.
6. Describe the slip -rings technology for pan/tilt mechanism in dome systems.
7. Compare between mechanical and optical slip-rings.
8. Compare between Pelco and Panasonic dome systems.
9. Describe the structure of a speed dome system.
10. List the protocols for connecting speed domes to the console and network.
11. Name different types of communication links used for speed domes.
12. List the different features that can be incorporated into dome cameras.
13. Discuss the pros and cons of mounting dome cameras on a pole.

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