How will organizations manage these changes?


Healthcare Management Order Description Create a scenario plan of “Healthcare 2025” for healthcare organizations. Please review literature on the at the shift from inpatient services to outpatient service and the increased use of Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) instead of Medical Doctors (MDs). Also, look at the advancement of technology in healthcare (EHR). Answer the questions be
low based on the literary reviews for the paper. Description: First construct a broad narrative on what the critical elements of change in healthcare directly impacting the healthcare industry 10 years from now (2025). Specifically what economic, socio-cultural, technological, political and legal/regulatory trends and forces do you believe will shape how healthcare will be delivered in 2025? Be creative in your projections. Based on the literature, the content and discussion in this class as well as your own perceptions and insights, describe how healthcare organizations would anticipate doing to respond to the trends identified? Please frame your discussion in the context of the “value chain in healthcare” as outlined in Ginter, Swayne and Duncan’s (2006) textbook, Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations. What will the “service” aspect of the value chain look like? What do you anticipate the projected changes in the “Pre-Service, Point of Service and After-Service” to be? How will organizations manage these changes? Using the Ginter, Swayne and Duncan (2006) framework again, what will the “Support” aspects of change be for healthcare organizations? Do you anticipate that healthcare organizations governing or operational structure will need to be changed? What new strategic resources (human, financial, facilities, marketing) will be required by healthcare organizations in the future in order to meet these changes? Be sure to be specific in your responses and descriptions of any planned change efforts.

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