Health administration and policy 2


This is a discussion assignment about 300-450 words answer  
Discuss how advocates of the ACA overcame one of the historical challenges that plagued previous efforts according to the Marmor article.  How does this compare/contrast to some challenge facing the Repeal & Replace current effort by Republicans?  (cite some outside source discussion of Repeal and Replace)
answer example:
Advocates of the ACA had to overcome previous mistakes and barriers that failed pro-reformers had made. Marmor discusses in his article, The Politics of Universal Health Insurance: Lessons from Past Administrations (1994), how the AMA and the ideologies of the people were not in line with a health care reform. For example, President Truman was afraid that it, “…linked national health insurance with socialism, communism, and the recently demonized Soviet Union” (Marmor, pg. 195). Truman could not push for a national health insurance that seemed socialist, because America was trying everything to be the opposite of socialism and communism. However, in today’s era, this has become less of an issue. Rather than asking if this reform would be too socialist or communist, we ask ourselves if we have the money for it, and how it would affect our people. We are looking at both the means and results of health care. In relation to the Clinton office, Landmark discusses how the Obama administration learned from their mistakes as well. They allowed Congress to write the bill, focused on voters and corporations, moved fast, and neutralized voices that were against a health care reform (Landmark, 16). 
This contrasts to some of the challenges facing the Repeal & Replace effort by Republicans because President Trump simply asked Congress to Repeal & Replace the ACA. The problem is that Congress and Republicans do not know exactly what to replace it with. The ambiguity of what to replace the ACA with a short amount of time is harsh because the Republicans need to figure out what fits the American people’s ideologies and best interests. However, one thing that compares to the Trump and Obama administration is that Trump is moving fast and asked Congress to write a new Act. Trump is using his victory in the election to sway Democratic Congress members. He is also allowing Congress to come up with a plan rather than writing it himself, as the Clinton Administration had shown to fail (Haberman & Pear, 2017). 
Haberman, Maggie & Pear, Robert. 2017. Trump Tells Congress to Repeal and Replace Health Care Law ‘Very Quickly’. The New York Times. Accessed January 22, 2017. (Links to an external site.)