Have 2 Discussions DUE ASAP


MKT500 Marketing
Discussion 1
“Taking a Position that Works” Watch the video below and then respond to the questions that follow:
Click here for full screen viewability in a new window.
Think about products you were enticed to purchase using social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, YouTube, etc.)

Tell us your favorite product that you purchased using social media and what positioning statement the company used.
Make sure you include the information from the fill-in-the-blank positioning statement.
Also, state your opinion on how well social media clearly portrayed the positioning statement.

MAT510 Business Statistics
Discussion 1
“Business Processes” Please respond to the following:
Note: Online students, please select one of the two subjects to discuss.

Per the textbook, to eliminate or reduce non-value-added work is a core step in improving profitability or efficiency of the business process. Give your opinion on whether or not you agree or disagree with this statement and include one (1) example of a business process which supports or criticizes the aforementioned statement to support your position. 
Determine at least two (2) challenges in identifying Opportunity for Improvements (OFIs). Suggest at least one (1) strategy that business management can use to mitigate the challenges in question. Provide a rationale to support your suggestion. 

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