Global Business Plan – Part 2


Create a 1,400-word document in which you complete the following:
Analyze at least two modes of entry into your selected country    .
Select the most appropriate mode of entry for your product or service in context of innovation, sustainability and globalization.
Synthesize cross-cultural factors relevant to your International endeavor.
Examine how these factors affect organizational structure, modes of management, staffing, recruiting, training, compensation, and expatriate policy.
Justify your selection based on factors identified in your country risk analysis from your paper in Week Two.
In preparation for your Global Business Plan due in Week Five, include the following components for your Global Business Plan in the context of globalization, innovation and sustainability and its impact on all stakeholders:
Mission and vision statement
Supporting Material:
Conduct research using databases in the University Library such as EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) for country Info and IBIS World for industry and supply chain.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.