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Am very fortunate to live in a country full of heritage as well as a country with the largest potential for economic growth. I am a resident of the state of Florida where I have been much interested in the minimum wage of the employees. The primary aim of each state is to reduce the rate of dependency and to increase their economic growth and therefore to achieve this; they have to reduce poverty levels by increasing the minimum wage per hour from 8.25 dollars to about 11 dollars. Am happy to share this platform with you so that my plea will make it to the Congress and get to be addressed.
Research has shown that the countries with a higher minimum wage per hour have less number of people living below the poverty line and that most of the residents are in the middle class (Dabla-Norris et al.). The reason is that they are able to have the minimum salary that is required to maintain them in their daily lives and can, therefore, afford to save a few coins, and thus, doesn’t have to rely on well-wishers or the government to foot their bills. Most of the states in the US have increased their minimum wage, and their economy has been doing fine with the example of Washington with the minimum wage of 11.50 dollars. The main reason as to the request is that the wage rate may keep the pace set by inflation as the past increment has been much lower.
The inflation rate in the state of Florida has for a long time increased with various margins, and this has made the earnings of the employees to be very little compared to the rate of inflation (Brigham et al.). With an increased rate of inflation that is evident in each and every fiscal year, the monetary value of the manufactured products and services especially the essential products have as well increased in prices as the cost of production has risen over the past.
To make it possible for the residents of the Florida state be able to have a higher purchasing power, the federal government and more specifically the local government in the state of Florida should increase the minimum wage per hour above the current rate in accordance to the inflation rate. Raising the minimum wage rate implies that the employees and the general population in the state of Florida will have a higher disposable income that they will use to fulfill their basic needs.
The number of dependency in the state, considering the aged, disabled, the poor as well as the homeless are high, and this makes the governments burden much more cumbersome (Ruggles). The bill regarding the increment of the minimum wage will help in the reduction of the welfare program that is carried out by the government to the people enlisted to benefit from the program. A higher minimum wage will enable the large population of the employees being able to secure a sufficient salary that will allow them to run their daily lives comfortably while at the same time being able to save some amount.
With the larger number of the employees being able to save some money, they will be able to cater for their families as they are capable of providing for their needs leaving a small proportion of people in the welfare program and thus reducing the burden on the side of the government. The increased minimum wage will enable a significant number of people who are homeless to seek for mortgages as they will be able to repay them in time as they are receiving a good amount of salary and therefore the number of homeless individuals will reduce, reducing the number of street families and consequently reduced crime rate (O’connor).
The local government has been struggling with the economy, and this has dramatically affected the investments as well as infrastructural development in the state. Slowed economic growth has been witnessed due to various reasons such as the government having less money to inject into the business sector, and this has affected the local trade in the region. With less infrastructural development in a nation, the State’s interior will not be opened to the rest of the country, and therefore, the transportation of goods, as well as raw materials and ready products to the markets, will be difficult proving hard for the businesses to thrive.
For the government to improve the economy and infrastructure, a higher minimum wage should be implemented (Stiglitz). The reason is that a huge amount of money will be disposed to the citizens and the government will be able to collect a large amount of revenue through taxes. The high amount of revenue will help the government in improving the quality of services that are offered as well as the infrastructure. With a large amount of money at the citizens’ disposal, the economy is deemed to grow as everyone is able to buy the goods and services that they need in their daily lives and as well enables them to invest in income-generating projects rising the country’s gross domestic product.
I, therefore, do ask for your support in pushing for the bill regarding the increment of the minimum wage per hour from 8.25 dollars to about 11 dollars. In supporting the bill, a large number of employees in the state of Florida will benefit and will be able to reduce the rate of dependency through poverty elimination and finally increase our country’s gross domestic product. I believe that your support on this bill will have a massive impact on the lives of the Florida residents
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