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This is an opportunity for you to explore a topic of interest to you in the field of abnormal psychology. The purpose is to encourage you to examine a question in the field of abnormal psychology using both popular media and scholarly sources. The paper will be six to eight pages in length (not counting title page, reference page, etc). Guidelines for this paper will be posted on Canvas at the start of the semester. The paper will be due the last day of the semester, the Friday of finals week (see course schedule below) Specifically, you will choose a mental illness or condition, such as depression, ADHD, a personality disorder, etc. There are many options (peruse through the book if you need ideas). First you would provide background information on the disorder, such as prevalence, symptoms, onset, etc. Then, you have two directions you can take the rest of the paper:ï‚· The first is that you could incorporate a “case study” approach, by describing the portrayal of the condition in a TV program, book, or movie. Describe how that character is portrayed and contrast it with the symptoms as outlined in the DSM criteria. What did the portrayal get right/ get wrong? Is the portrayal of the condition by the media appropriate? Or you could pick a character who is NOT given a specific diagnosis but who you feel merits one, and explain how the symptoms apply to this diagnosis. Keep in mind the four Ds of diagnosing(distress, deviance, dysfunction, and dangerousness) when you are making either argument. And make sure you are NOT analyzing a real person (yourself, a friend, etc)- that is NOT the point of this exercise.ï‚· The second option is that you can ask a very specific question regarding the treatment or outcome studies for this diagnosis (an example could be asking if a particular type of psychotherapy approach or medicine has been found to be effective in the treatment of X diagnosis) Consider: what are the implications of the research for those suffering from the disease?  Keep in mind that whichever approach you choose, you will still need to locate and use at least two peer-reviewed research articles in your paper. Also, make sure you are using correct APA style citations throughout your paper (beware of plagiarism!). YOU NEED TO PROVIDE IN-TEXT CITATIONS FOR ALL OF YOUR WORK, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU ARE REFERENCING A FILM/SHOW/THE 203 BOOK, OR A JOURNAL ARTICLE.