Feeding Our Energy Needs and The Powerful Ocean,Please respond to one (1)


Please respond to the topical question below that interests you most. Please remember that you are only required to respond to one of the topical questions below.

Compare and contrast two (2) of the following alternative energy sources: wind energy, solar energy, hydropower (stream), tidal power, biofuel, or geothermal energy. Discuss which energy source would be best suited for your home based on cost and availability.

From the first and second e-Activities, describe the benefits and drawbacks of natural gas production. Note: Be sure to include a discussion of issues related to waste products, extraction of the resource, land use, projected reserves, impacts on the environment, and cost/benefit.

From the third e-Activity, describe the interactions between the atmosphere and the surface ocean water in the equatorial Pacific Ocean under “normal” conditions. During an El Niño event, describe the changes that occur in both the Walker Circulation and the underlying ocean. Note: Be sure to include the changes of atmospheric convection, warm surface ocean water, and the thermocline in your description. List a specific region that is impacted negatively by an El Niño event.

Describe how a tsunami is generated. Explain how tsunami warning systems are used to help forecast tsunami events. Choose a recent tsunami event and describe the history of its occurrence, as well as its impacts on human beings.