Effects Of Chronic Stress On The Body Psychology Discussion Help


It must be in APA format!!
The topic is on chronic stress effect on the body, you have the free will to kind of focus on whatever sickness you want.
The purpose of this paper is to give you the opportunity to learn more about a specific stress related topic by conducting research in depth. You must submit a research paper of 8 to 10 pages double-spaced (not including cover sheet or the reference list) with a minimum of six reference sources. References must be within the last ten years for the first 6 references. If you wish to include research, which was published older than 10 years ago, those references should be in addition to the required 6 references. The research paper is expected to be a true research paper involving library research. The first six references should NOT include sources from the popular media (e.g., newspapers, popular magazines, internet sites, etc.) and should NOT include the textbook, “Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being, by Brian Luke Seaward, instead select from peer reviewed professional journals and books written by professionals in the field. Include any sources from internet websites and the textbook after the minimum six traditional research sources have been met by professional journals or books.
Proper grammar and correct spelling are expected. Clear organization and avoidance of redundancy are essential.