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Dr K.
I have an asignment, I’m willing to pay no more than $10 for this. I need one full page. Please advise if you could do this.
A strategic vision is a roadmap showing the route a company intends to take in developing and strengthening its business. It portrays a picture of a company’s destination and provides a rationale for going there. Objectives are an organization’s performance targets – the results and outcomes it wants to achieve. They function as yardsticks for measuring how well the organization is doing.  Select a business with which you are familiar. Develop a strategic vision and strategic objectives for the business. Share your company’s vision and objectives with your class. How do your vision and objectives communicate the company’s aspirations to the customer? How are these statements distinctive and specific to the organization? Are the objectives measurable and quantifiable?
Include at least one APA-formatted citation from your textbook, Crafting & Executing Strategy, to support your rationale and receive full credit.
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