Week 4: Conceptual Learning Summary
DUE: ON or BEFORE Thursday August 31, 2017 BEFORE 11:55 PM CST
GOAL: Create a concise expose of two strategic planning concepts that may be utilized in your own organization.
Instructions: Do some research and write a 500-600-word summary (body content length) that discusses two different strategic planning concepts. Locate a minimum of two scholarly journal articles for each concept—a minimum of four articles for the paper altogether (these articles must be new to this assignment for this course). You want to select research that presents each concept and its usefulness in strategic planning within organizations. If you elect to write the paper, then keep your writing in third person if you discuss how these concepts work in your sector.
[Video Instructions: If you elect to record a video in lieu of the writing for this assignment, then observe the following conditions:
The video (YouTube) needs to be a minimum of 3-4 minutes in lengthProvide a scholarly overview and discussion regarding the two conceptsDiscuss how these concepts work in your organization, or how they should work.Upload a References page that verifies your scholarly support, and that lists the YouTube link for your video.]
Suggestions to help your writing:
Use level headings (APA) to distinguish the various parts of your paper. No abstract is required, but a title page and references page are required.
Visit the following website to help you set up your APA paper:
You may use any level of sources—scholarly, popular press, or websites—to provide foundational information used to inform you about each organization. However, make sure to properly cite and reference these sources according to chapter seven of APA.
Regardless what sources you use gain information about the companies, you are still required to list and use FOUR scholarly journal sources in the assertions and references in your paper.
The paper should be written in third person and is not reflective (first person not acceptable).
Other Important Details:
Upload your paper (.doc) in the assignment section for grading. Follow the Submissions Guidelines as listed in the Syllabus: The various assignments for this course should be submitted as Word.doc attachments in the Assignment section of our virtual classroom.
Do not use macros or automatic referencing in your papers for this course. The auto features usually cause unforeseen problems in format. Plus, part of the evaluation of this paper involves your acquisition of the essentials of the APA style format.
Each file OF YOUR WORK should be named in the following manner: Last name–truncated Week Number-Assignment name (abbreviated if necessary):
                                    Use my last name: Morrow-Wk04-Learning Summary