Discussion Post – USA Dissertation Editors


Part 1:
Explore news/current events to locate a business that has a complex problem which needs to be addressed. The problem may be related to any business topic (i.e. accounting, marketing, legal, etc.).
It is suggested that you select a recent problem of a public company, which will ensure that you will have access to the information necessary to complete your project.
Once you have located your business problem and read the case thoroughly to digest the facts, prepare your problem statement using the concepts discussed in class (be sure to include the 5 Ws in your statement) and post here for review.
Part 2:
Discuss the objectives of case analysis and provide a clear and detailed statement of the organizational problem that you have selected for your major case analysis. 
In a well-written response at least 2 paragraphs in length, supported by this week’s reading and, if necessary, any outside sources
Study Material: