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Curriculum Development Application
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Integration of more interaction between students
As an instructor in an equipment maintenance course there are several challenges that I face. One of the challenges is the interaction between the students in my class. There is a tendency in the class for minority students keeping to themselves during class. Female students are almost invisible in class and they rarely speak or interact with others in the class. This lack of interaction between students could hurt their job placement in the future when they are through with their course. There are several things I can do as an instructor to integrate more interaction between my students. Among the things I can integrate in my course work is group projects and assignments.I will ensure that groups of up to four students are set up on all the course projects. There will also be some class assignments which must be worked on in the small groups that have been created. The projects and assignments will then be discussed openly in class and all the group members will be expected to participate. I will ensure that the projects and assignments are very challenging which require multiple inputs from the members of the groups. This will ensure that there is more interaction between the students in groups. After presentations, students can ask for clarifications from those who presented on something they did not quite understand.
I will also encourage peer reviews and editing of individual assignments .this will be through encouraging students to send emails to each other on drafts of their assignments and get feedback before they eventually turn them in. Through the random generated homework, students get a way of working together and helping each other. This will increase the interaction between the students in the class as they will be constantly working together in the peer reviews. I come up with questions to be discussed in class. The discussions questions will be well formulated and hence provide an excellent opportunity for thoughtful responses from the students. There will be encouragement of a free discussion environment in class which will led top more participation from students. Through the discussions there will be more interaction between the students as they will ask and answer questions within the discussions. More interaction between students will lead to the prevention of having a learning environment that is boring, repetitive and isolating.
Recruiting more females into the programThe female student population in my class is just 2%.This is a very small percentage, and as an instructor I should strive to recruit more female students into my program. I can achieve the recruitment through mentorship programs. The value from mentorship is something tat can not be replaced. I will ensure that I get women who have been successful in the field to be part of the mentorship programs. This will ensure that the girls get mentorship from these women which will encourage many of them to get recruited into the program. I will also ensure that there is a slight reduction of the fee female students are supposed to pay for the program as compared to their male counterparts. This will act as an incentive which will attract more female students who previously shied away due to the cost associated with the program. I will ensure that I partner with companies that do equipment maintenance so as to ensure that they employ more females. This will get more females recruited in the program as they will be sure of employment after they are through with the course.
Importance of addressing these issuesIt is very important to address these issues for both the program and success of the students. There will be a lot of success for students due to more interaction between them. This is because they will get more ideas which they will apply in the course and eventually be successful. The program will also be successful in that the interactions between the students will lead to making contacts which will ensure that all the students get job placements after their course. Getting more females in the program will lead to a more balanced environment in terms of gender which will lead to better performance among the students.
Multicultural approach in redesigning an all inclusive curriculumThe course materials which I have been using are about ten years old and they have been used by previous instructors. I have never used multicultural teaching practices in my teaching methods .Therefore, I will have to redesign the current curriculum to make it more inclusive for all students in the course. I will take various approaches when it comes to redesigning the curriculum sop as to ensure that all students are fully included in the program. I will use a contributions approach whereby I will focus on discrete cultural elements, festivals or holidays. Through this students will have an understanding of other cultural groups leading to more interaction and understanding between them. Ethnic addictive approach is another approach to be taken whereby there is addition of some ethnic content in the curriculum without any change in the mainstream structure of the curriculum. I will also use a transformative approach whereby I will restructure the curriculum in such a way that issues, concepts, and events are viewed from a diverse cultural and ethnic perspective. I will also take a social approach whereby decisions and actions will be made based on issues and concepts which are being studied.
The multicultural approach in the curriculum will lead to more interaction between the students and hence the program will be a success. The program will also lead to giving instructions in the least possible time .the curriculum will ensure that as an instructor I act as a guide and coworker with students and not their taskmaster who just assigns lessons and recitations. Through the multicultural approach there will be more interaction between me the instructor and students.