Coastal Oceanography & The Continental Shelf Science Discussion Help


General Instructions:
There are two questions to this project and you must answer both questions. These are designed to see if you can integrate the materials presented thus far is a coherent organized manner. You are limited to five (5) double spaced pages in a Word Document format including citations which includes both questions. This approach is designed to make you think and organize before you write. Because of the page limitation you need to limit background material.
Both questions are of equal value. A good approach is to read the question several times. Note what the question is really asking. Assemble all relevant documents, web site materials, notes on U Tubes and materials has given. Develop an outline for the answer and then write the paper to your outline. Since there is no time limit the only challenge is presenting a well organized documented answer. The questions will appear to be deceptively simple. Do not be lured into a potential fact dump!
1. Plate Tectonics and the formation of coastal features:
Plate Tectonics is fundamental to understanding the mechanisms of the planet. Once the theory and plates had been determined what is the significance to human civilization of understanding the plates and their influence on the coastal and oceanic environment ?
2. The Continental Shelf:
The Continental Shelf is the overarching geological/bathymetric feature of Coastal Oceanography. There are many features and sub features to the shelf formation.
Identify the features and sub features and their significance in either economic benefit and or threats to human populations living proximate to the coasts.
MLA citation (need to use the pdf I upload for one of the sources and outside sources) , 5 pages total