Case Study | Urgent Homeworks


Choose 1 of the 6 research samples listed in the Required Readings list:
Leedy, P. D., & Ormrod, J. E. (2019). Practical research: Planning and design (12th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson. Chapter 8, 9.
Mixed Methods Convergent Design
Carmack, S. (2014). Making sense of well-being: A mixed-methods study applying sense-making theory to explore the role of communication competence and social support in physical, emotional, mental and comprehensive well-being. George Mason University. Published Dissertation (ProQuest).
Horevitz, E. O. (2013). Uptake of depression treatment among Latinos in integrated primary care: A mixed methods analysis. University of California, Berkeley. Published Dissertation (ProQuest).
Mercier, D. A. (2016). A mixed methods study of perceived social support based on the medical outcomes study social support survey in adults with repeated challenges with HIV medication adherence. University of Missouri, Columbia. Published Dissertation (ProQuest).
Mixed Methods Case Study Design
Dupree, J. P. (2011). Health literacy: A community-based mixed methods study of prescription medication self-management among community dwelling older adults. The University of Alabama. Published Dissertation (ProQuest).
Prengaman, M. V. (2016). A case study of individual and organizational stakeholder perspectives on state factors impacting access to rural health care services in Idaho. The University of New Mexico. Published Dissertation (ProQuest).
Pujeh-Fiakpo, S. (2018). A mixed methods examination of attitude and acculturation factors influencing mental health service receipt among African immigrants in the Washington metropolitan region. Morgan State University. Published Dissertation (ProQuest).Mixed Methods Convergent Design
Evaluate the selected study according to methodological expectations for this type of research r that answers the following questions using your own evaluation and critical thinking:

In what ways (discuss a minimum of 5) was a Mixed Methods Case Study appropriate for investigating the construct(s) or variable(s) of interest?
After reading the Data Collection Procedures information, evaluate and summarize the strengths (2 or more), weaknesses (2 or more), and opportunities (2 or more) for improvement.
After reviewing the sources of data used in the study, comment about the appropriateness of those sources in representing the construct(s) of interest. Be sure to include details related to validity, reliability, and practicality.