Case Conceptualization Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2 Discussion Responses


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I need 2 responses, one for each student attached below. 2-3 paragraphs minimum each, at least 1 reference each, APA style.
No cover page is needed.
Initial discussion question just for reference: Treatment plans identify the problem areas and goals to be achieved. Discuss how the treatment plan would be utilized to determine when treatment should be maintained or terminated for the following case study.
Tina suffers with a co-occurring disorder of bi-polar and substance use. Tina has a limited natural support network, but she has a case manager, nurse to help her with her medications, and has been attending put-patient mental health counseling weekly for six months. Her moods have been more stable and her substance use has been less in intensity and frequency.
Please explain if you would maintain or terminate treatment with Tina, and back up your answer to ensure Tina continues to progress, i.e. what interventions or referrals would you make for Tina if you determine to maintain or terminate treatment.
I have attached my initial discussion for reference as well so you know what my thoughts were on the subject.

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