Bus Workload File – Lion Essays


Please read before bidding. I will not respond if the following is not honored.
Review all attachments and read the instructions and tell me if you can handle the workload and accept the price offered and will be able to meet the deadline. Also, I will need a plagisrism report attached with all assessments completed. NO PLAIGERISM ACCEPTED. Please tell me what time zone you are in as well.
This workload is due 6/16/2017 12:00 PM Pacific Standard time zone – Not negotiable
You response should look something like the below
I have fully reviewed the workload and read the instructions, scoring guide etc, and can handle the workload as I am an expert in ? I am able to provide a plagisrism report and agree with price and deadline. I am in xxxx time zone.
Please use the attached scoring guides as i way to ensure you complete the assessments correctly in full detail.
There are 5 assessments to complete.
You will label them in order, example:
Assessment 1 – Assessment 5
Please open each folder and read carefully.