Analyze how each issue or element may impact the health informatics workforce.


ompetency 730.1.3: Licensure Certification and Accreditation Standards The graduate analyzes how licensing certification and accreditation agencies forhealthcare organizations impact healthcare delivery at federal state local and organizational levels.Competency 730.1.4: Quality Reimbursement and Patient Access to Healthcare The graduate analyzes how relationships between clinical healthcare qualityreimbursement for services and patient access to medical care influence the services that are provided at various levels of healthcare organizations.Competency 730.1.5: Federal Healthcare Legislation and Programs The graduate analyzes how federal legislation and programs influence the provision of services atall levels of healthcare organizations.Introduction:The healthcare ecosystem is influenced by external forces in the form of government regulations accreditation standards and federal legislation. Theseregulations and legislation are components of federal government programs and bring with them directives that may impact the economics of healthcare.The federal government established a goal of developing the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) through the use of health information exchanges andregional health information organizations. Using information technology healthcare organizations will be linked across the nation.The seamless exchange of health information may provide healthcare consumers with a higher quality of care improvement in patient access and more efficientcontrol of the cost of healthcare services. The healthcare ecosystem is one of continual change.Task:A. Analyze three issues or elements involved in current government programs legislation or initiatives related to health informatics by doing the following:1. Evaluate how each issue or element is impacted by licensure certification or accreditation standards.2. Predict how each issue or element will impact the following:a. Clinical qualityb. Reimbursementc. Patient access3. Explain how each of the three issues or elements supports the NHIN.B. Evaluate the roles of health informatics professionals in operationalizing each of your selected issues or elements by doing the following:1. Discuss the roles health informatics professionals have performed in each of these issues or elements.2. Analyze how each issue or element may impact the health informatics workforce.C. When you use sources include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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